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Central Heat Pump Accessories

Central Heat Pump Accessories:

From permanent to throwaway filters and everything in between, we offer a variety of short to long life filters optimizing efficiency and odour control.

We offer multiple lines of air purifying systems suitable for your home. Our certified technicians are skilled in installing systems by Lennox Pure Air, Fresh Aire, and Sanuvox. All systems offered through Degree Residential Inc. incorporate the use of powerful UV light technology, proven to reduce the spread of spores, pollens, pollutants, and harmful bacteria up to 99.9%. 

We recommend humidifiers from Honeywell that will use your heating and cooling system to ensure the utmost comfort in your home. Humidifiers help manage indoor humidity, reduce static electricity, and are effective for treating dryness of the skin and nose. The size and type of humidifier is dependent on your preference, budget, and size of the area that requires moisture.

Dehumidifying systems remove excess moisture from the air in your home, optimizing your comfort. There’s no need to worry about maintenance with an automatic drain system and year-long air filters. Experience lower moisture levels in your home and potential energy savings.

This system is compatible with conventional heat pumps and dual-fuel applications. Use the system to customize your heating and cooling and experience comfort in every room of your home with up to 32 zoning options. Combine the zoning kit with thermostats and air temperature sensors for each zone.

Snow covers can be added to central heat pumps and are an effective solution to protect the motor and components of your heat pump from harsh weather. Installing a snow cover that surrounds your heat pump will prevent damage from the elements and maintain optimum efficiency under snow, ice, and rain. Snow covers will help maintain the longevity of your system.