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Heat recovery ventilation system

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A heat recovery ventilator system or HRV is ideal for homes located in colder climates during heating season where there is excess moisture. The HRV also is ideal for homes located in areas with fair to high amounts of humidity in the summer months. This is a multi purpose system which continuously supplies your home with fresh air while transferring the stale air, moisture and humidity out. The H (heat) is a feature that helps in the winter months by warming the colder air from outside as it transferred into your home. This occurs when the warm air from inside passes by the cold air on its way to exhausting outdoors. The warm and cold air do not come in contact with one another. It is a heat recovery core in the unit making that transfer. This technology also helps with reducing the impact on your heating bill as warm air takes less time to heat up in your house opposed to frigid cold air.

  • HRV’s are required by building code in new construction homes
  • HRV’s may be required when renovating an existing home. Please inquire with your local building inspector
  • This system will deliver whole home air quality
  • HRV air filtration can be upgraded with Hepa filtration technology
  • The HRV air filter is washable and we recommend cleaning it every 3 months
  • The HRV can be integrated with a central heat pump system
  • Options for the systems wall control devices are dial, digital, and touch screen
  • System installed and air balanced adhering to HRAI standards

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