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Ductless Split Heat Pump Accessories

Ductless Split Heat Pump Accessories:

  • Air Purification 

Our certified technicians are skilled in installing a system from Fresh Air. The system offered through Degree Residential Inc. incorporates the use of powerful UV light technology to fight mould on the blower wheel, help reduce maintenance on your heat pump and extend its life. This product has a 5-year parts warranty.

  • Snow Covers 

Snow covers can be added to mini splits and are an effective solution to protect the motor and components of your heat pump from harsh weather. Installing a snow cover that surrounds your heat pump will prevent damage from the elements and maintain optimum efficiency under snow, ice, and rain. Snow covers will help maintain the longevity of your system.  

  • Surge Protector 

Protect your equipment from power surges! This is a must-have add on that provides 120/240 VAC and has a bright green LED light to show that surge protection is active. Connects directly to the AC disconnect, is weatherproof, and has a UV-resistant enclosure.


Air filters absorb and decompose odours using ions generated by ultra-fine particle ceramic. These long-life and ion deodorizing filters will keep the air in your home fresh and clean. Alternatively, Apple-Catechin filters use static electricity to remove dust, mould, and spores from the air and will last up to a year. 

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