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This type of system including Geo Thermal heat pumps require ducts to be run throughout the house. With York heat pumps you have the ability to zone control the different sections or levels in your home. Typically this is best suited for new construction. We take a scientific approach and do not cut corners. You are investing for your home and for your family’s year round comfort & health. We will invest in using the best materials and tools and not overlook the small details. Our goal is to maximize efficiency, performance and longevity of the system.One example of The Degree Difference is sealing every joint/connection. This ensures our ductwork is a tight fit with a great seal.

We offer retrofit options for those of you who may have existing ductwork running throughout your home. We can upgrade existing inefficient heat sources such as electric, wood or oil furnaces. We will utilize as much of your existing ductwork as we can to keep your costs down. We fabricate custom ductwork at our shop for every job we do. This ensures our duct work is tightly fitting with a great seal. We choose to work with thicker grade metal to reduce vibration and noise and many other best practices. Please contact us for more details.

Available Accessories:

  • Indoor Air Quality: Whole-House Fan Powered Humidifier, Whole-House Bypass Humidifier, Steam Humidifier, Whole House Dehumidifier, High Performance Media Air Cleaner, Ultraviolet Air Treatment System
  • Filters: Electronic Air Filters, MERV rated filters, 1 MERV up to 16 MERV (hospital grade MERV filters or better available)
  • Thermostats and Controls: Residential Zoning Control (up to 6 zones), Touch-Screen Controls, Digital control/thermostats. Please contact for more details
  • Safety items: Condensate Safety Switches, Wet Switches (both are available to protect your central heat pump system, contact us for more details)

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