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Everything You Need To Know About Central Heat Pumps

Have you been trying to optimize your comfort at home, but can’t find the sweet spot with your current heating or cooling system? A central heat pump may be the system you’ve been longing for that can solve this problem. Degree Residential Inc. can help you efficiently heat during cool months and cool during warm months. If you’ve been contemplating a central heat pump in your Fredericton home, we’re here to provide you with all the details and benefits of installing an HVAC system.

What is a Central Heat Pump?

Heat pumps use a reversible refrigeration system that either cools or heats your home depending on the season. Simply put, a central heat pump uses outside air to heat your home in the winter and cool your home in the summer. This type of system requires ductwork to be run throughout the house. We take a scientific approach and do not cut corners or overlook the small details. You are investing in your home and in your family’s year-round comfort & health. Degree Residential will use the best materials and tools to maximize the efficiency, performance and longevity of the system.

An example of The Degree Difference is sealing every joint and connection. This ensures the ductwork has a tight fit with a great seal. 

Additionally, retrofit options are available for houses with existing ductwork. We can upgrade existing inefficient heat sources such as electric, wood or oil furnaces and we utilize as much of your existing ductwork as possible to keep your costs down. We fabricate custom ductwork at our shop and choose to work with thicker-grade metal. This ensures our ductwork is tight-fitting with a great seal and reduces vibration and noise.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

York Central Heat Pumps are space and budget-friendly. Quiet, small-footprint cabinets deliver big performance with features that meet your needs and fit your budget. What does a heat pump do for your energy bill? Essentially, you will experience a slight rise in your electricity use from powering the unit, while reducing your overall energy use. This can sometimes lead to drastic cost savings. Furthermore, NB Powers Efficiency Rebate Savings Program offers money back on efficiency upgrades. To learn more about NB Power’s rebate, click here.

York’s Central Heat Pump Features, Accessories and Maintenance

York’s central heat pumps come with several features and accessories that extend performance. With proven reliability, advanced manufacturing and optimized efficiency, they provide reliable operation. Features include a robust compressor, reliable cold-weather operation, long-lasting powder coat paint, durable steel guards, a quiet fan to minimize vibration and sound, and optimized coils for airflow and heat transfer.

Thermostats and zoning controls will help customize your heating and cooling experience in every room. Whole-home humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air filtration systems, will help manage the humidity and reduce the spread of spores, pollens, pollutants and harmful bacteria up to 99% in your home. Snow covers help protect the motor and components of your unit and condensation safety switches and wet switches protect the contents of your home.

To help ensure that the components of your heat pump and accessories are fully functional, Degree Residential Inc. offers maintenance options to help ensure your system reaches its maximum performance. Degree Residential Inc.’s experienced team can help advise what central heat pump features, accessories and maintenance package will work best to optimize the comfort in your home.

Learn more about York’s central heating systems and promotions here.

Worry-Free Warranty with York and Degree Residential Inc.

York is known for its industry-leading warranties, which Degree Residential Inc. is pleased to be able to offer customers. York offers a 10-year warranty on parts, a lifetime warranty on compressors, and an extended labour warranty. Degree Residential Inc. is a “Certified Comfort Expert” with York and is able to provide such programs as the “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” and “First-Year Unit Replacement” warranty on all installed units. To ensure that you get the most coverage on your York residential heat pump, Degree Residential Inc. will register your system.

Now that you’re aware of everything that you need to know about central heat pumps, contact Degree Residential Inc. to get started with a free quote.  Make your home comfortable and experience the Degree difference today!