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Get Ready For Heating Season with Degree Residential

With colder weather comes the increased use of home heating systems. Performing proper maintenance on your heat pump will help you stay warm all winter long. Homeowners should perform regular upkeep on their heat pumps. Our certified technicians at Degree Residential Inc. can perform pre-heating season inspections. Heat pump maintenance will help ensure you are receiving effective, reliable, and comfortable heating and will also help extend the life of the unit. Additionally, investing in add-ons such as snow covers will help you get the most out of your system and protect it from winter’s harsh elements. Get ready for the heating season with Degree Residential.

DIY Heat Pump Maintenance

Preventative maintenance will help sustain your system and help alleviate potential problems. Performing regular upkeep should provide homeowners with peace of mind, especially during winter months.

Here is a helpful checklist for homeowners:

  • Leaf buildup is common after the fall season and can be problematic for your outdoor heat pump system. Remove any excess foliage and ensure your system is not being constricted by any shrubs or trees to ensure proper air flow.
  • Check your heat pump for snow or ice build-up. This can also restrict air flow and strain your heat pump as it tries to keep up with your heating demand in the winter months. 
  • Filters should be checked on a monthly basis, and cleaned if need be. 
  • Try not to set your thermostat below 68-72° or 18-20° Celsius to help maintain efficiency throughout the winter months.

Professional Maintenance Inspections

In order to maintain the performance of your heat pump, we recommend scheduling an inspection for your system. Ductless/Mini Split Heat Pumps should be scheduled once per year, while a Central Heat Pump could be scheduled bi-annually. The best time to perform these maintenance checks is before the heating season in the fall (September-November) and before the cooling season in the spring. We offer maintenance packages for our customers which vary in services offered and price. 

Services our Degree Residential Inc. technicians provide:

  • Check temperatures across coil to ensure proper operation
  • Check pressures on the system
  • Check electrical connections and components on indoor and outdoor unit
  • Check over general operations of system
  • Clean drain, p-trap, and/or condensate pump
  • Clean indoor coil on air handler
  • Clean coil on outdoor unit
  • Clean or change air filters 
  • Replace remote batteries (ductless splits)
  • Change batteries on the thermostat, outdoor and indoor air sensor

Your Degree Residential Inc. technician can look over your heat pump and recommend a maintenance package for your system.

Snow Covers

In Atlantic Canada, snow and ice are inevitable during the winter months. Snow covers can be added to both mini splits and central units and are an effective solution to protect the motor and components of your heat pump from harsh weather. Installing a snow cover that surrounds your heat pump will prevent damage from the elements and maintain optimum efficiency under snow, ice, and rain. Furthermore, snow covers will help maintain the longevity of your heat pump system.

Degree Residential wants to ensure your comfort in your Fredericton home all winter long. By regularly performing system maintenance and scheduling heat pump inspections, you will be ready for the heating season. 

Contact us today to schedule a heat pump maintenance inspection!