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Fujitsu heat pump in spring

Get Ready for Spring with Degree Residential

Spring is in the air, and with it comes the promise of longer days and a renewed sense of optimism. Spring also means warmer weather, and with unpredictable temperatures and rising energy costs, it can prove to be a difficult time of year for keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Fortunately, heat pumps are an effective solution for those looking for consistent cooling that won’t break the bank.  

With over fifteen years of experience serving the Fredericton area, Degree Residential is a one-stop shop for all of your spring heat pump needs. For existing owners, we offer comprehensive annual maintenance packages to ensure you’re getting the most out of your system. Looking for a better cooling solution this spring? We can also help you save money on both new heat pump systems and your power bill, allowing you to enjoy a cool, comfortable environment throughout your home. 

Degree Residential Can Help with Your Spring Maintenance

At Degree Residential, we service all makes and models of heat pumps and strongly suggest scheduling maintenance at least once per year. Regular maintenance helps reduce energy costs by ensuring that your system is working as intended, while it also helps prevent major malfunctions by catching minor issues early on. Furthermore, proper upkeep can actually help you save money by extending the lifespan of your heat pump. Our 10-point inspection plan will ensure that your system is running efficiently. 

Stress-free maintenance packages allow us to remove this spring cleaning task from your list, offering a variety of options to suit your needs. Our certified technicians will inspect your system’s performance and safety, clean the components to remove dirt and debris, replace any worn-out or damaged parts, and ensure that all connections are secure so you can enjoy optimal temperatures all year round.

Save Money on New Heat Pump Systems with NB Power Rebates 

Thinking about installing a new heat pump? You’re not alone. Their massive potential for reducing emissions and overall energy use has not gone unnoticed. Governments across the country are making the transition more affordable by offering incentives to switch. Here in New Brunswick, NB Power offers homeowners money back on their efficiency upgrades through the Efficiency Rebate Savings Program. Contact Degree Residential today to learn more about how you can leverage these rebates to transition to heat pump technology, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint 

Optimize Your Energy Bill with More Efficient Cooling 

Since heat pumps transfer existing heat in and out of your space rather than generating new energy entirely from scratch, they require less power than gas-powered cooling systems. Heat pumps are also more energy efficient than their electrical counterparts, such as traditional air conditioners. What’s more, you can even further improve their efficiency by using a heat pump equipped with a timer or thermostat. These devices allow you to control how and when your system operates, tailoring a plan to your specific lifestyle while further reducing energy waste. This results in both lower electricity use and fewer emissions for the environment, allowing you to optimize your power bill during warmer weather. 

Experience Comfort at Home

At Degree Residential, we know that comfort is key, and we’ll work with you to maximize it in your home. Heat pumps boast several features that make them well-suited for providing consistent cooling throughout indoor spaces. Firstly, they use blowers instead of motors. This helps distribute air evenly through ducts, while their quick response times help regulate temperatures 24-7. By combining efficient cooling power with special features like humidity control settings, heat pumps also create a perfect balance between temperature and humidity levels, allowing you to stay comfortable without wasting energy unnecessarily. Since they don’t rely on combustible fuel sources like traditional furnaces, heat pumps also run quietly, making them great for homes with open floor plans or where noise is an issue.  

The Degree Difference

When it comes to comfortable living during the warmer Fredericton weather, there’s really nothing like a reliable heat pump system. Not only do heat pumps ensure optimal temperatures regardless of big swings in outdoor conditions, but they do also so using very little energy, saving you money on your power bill. At Degree Residential, we believe properly designed heating and cooling systems deliver on every level of comfort and quality.  

Get in touch today to schedule annual maintenance on your heat pump, or contact us to learn how one can help you lower your electricity bills while improving the level of comfort in your home. That’s the Degree difference!