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How Heat Pumps Save Time, Money, and Energy Emissions

Finding the balance between comfort and affordability can be tricky, both when it comes to heating your home during the cold winter months, and keeping it cool throughout the summer. Trying to be conscious of making environmentally friendly choices can complicate things that much further. Thankfully, by using less energy than traditional heating and cooling systems, heat pumps can provide an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly option for heating and cooling your home. Here at Degree Residential Inc., we offer industry-leading heat pump brands and have a team of certified technicians who can help you find the perfect balance for your home. That’s the Degree Difference!


With both fuel prices and cold temperatures breaking record highs of late, Atlantic Canadians have been exploring home heating alternatives to oil, propane, and natural gas. Here in New Brunswick, a growing number of homeowners are finding that heat pumps can cost a fraction of these fuel-based options.

A CBC New Brunswick report from earlier this year ranked high-efficiency mini split heat pumps as the number one most cost-effective heat source in the province, costing a mere $12.09 per 1 million BTUs of heat produced. That placed the heat pump well ahead of less environmentally friendly options such as natural gas ($27.48), furnace oil ($56.16), and propane fireplaces ($57.26).

Using similar technology to an air conditioner or refrigerator, heat pumps extract heat that’s already present in the air, using electricity to further warm it up or cool it down depending on the season. By putting that existing heat to work rather than generating everything from scratch, heat pumps are roughly 400% more efficient than their gas-based counterparts. This means a heat pump can outperform those natural gas, oil, and propane furnace options while costing you less on your monthly power bill.


In addition to finding much-needed cost savings, homeowners are also turning to heat pumps as a way to make green changes that can help move us towards a more sustainable future for our environment.

The oil and gas sector is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. And, whereas a gas furnace will produce a similar amount of emissions over its lifetime, heat pumps will produce less and less as the electrical grids they’re pulling from continue to add more renewable energy sources. Estimates suggest that heat pumps can reduce carbon emissions by 500 million tonnes by the end of the decade. Improvements and upgrades have only improved their efficiency, and a recent report called heat pumps “the single most impactful lever” in the global fight against climate change.


What’s more, various levels of government have taken note of this massive potential for reducing emissions, and are working to make the transition to heat pumps more affordable, offering homeowners a variety of rebates and incentives. Here in New Brunswick, the Provincial Government recently introduced the Enhanced Energy Savings Program, investing $30,000,000 in making heat pumps and insulation upgrades available at no cost to eligible homeowners. NB Power also offers money back on efficiency upgrades through its Efficiency Rebate Savings Program, while the Federal Government is further encouraging homeowners with their Greener Homes Grant incentive program. It’s never been easier or more affordable to make the switch!

Whether you’re looking to lower your heating bill or your carbon emissions, installing a heat pump can make a hugely positive difference in your home. Degree Residential Inc. offers a variety of systems that can meet your heating and cooling needs. Locally owned and operated, we have over fifteen years of experience serving the Fredericton area. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how you can make your home more efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly!