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6 Energy-Saving Tips to Optimize Your Heat Pump Usage This Summer

As the weather heats up during the summer months, it’s important to be mindful of how you use your heat pump. There is a fine line between ensuring your home reaches a comfortable and cool temperature while not exhausting your HVAC system or your wallet. By following a few simple energy-saving tips, you can keep your home comfortable all summer long while also saving money on your energy bill. 

Tip #1: Use a programmable thermostat 

This will help you schedule when your heat pump should turn on and off. You can save energy by having the heat pump turned off when no one is home and turning it back on a few minutes before everyone returns. Similarly, you can program your heat pump to turn off or down throughout the night and to turn back on just before you wake up. Optimizing the use of your heat pump with a programmable thermostat can help you save up to 30% on your cooling costs, so it’s a great way to save energy and money. 

Tip #2: Set the temperature wisely 

Cranking the AC is a typical reflex on the hottest days of summer. However, you should try to avoid setting the temperature too low too fast to avoid overworking your system. Doing this also makes it harder for it to come back to a normal comfortable temperature level. Every degree you lower the thermostat adds to your energy bill, so only set the temperature as low as you need it to be. When you’re at home, set the temperature to a comfortable level – not too cold. When you’re away from home for extended periods of time, raise the temperature to save energy. 

Tip #3: Take advantage of fans and natural ventilation 

Whenever it’s not too hot and there’s a nice breeze, open the windows and doors to let fresh air in and circulate throughout your home. This will lessen the load on your heat pump. Similarly, we recommend using fans to supplement your heat pump. Fans help circulate the air in your home and make it feel cooler, which also helps take the strain off your heat pump. Fans use less energy than air conditioners, so running a ceiling fan or floor fan in conjunction with your heat pump can help increase its effectiveness and reduce your energy usage. 

Tip #4: Keep your heat pump clean and free of debris 

Dirty filters can reduce the efficiency of your heat pump, so be sure to change them every 1-3 months in a central system and wash the filters every 1-3 months in a ductless system. Additionally, your outdoor unit should always be kept clear of dirt and debris which is most commonly accumulated throughout the winter and spring. Performing spring cleaning is a sure way to help optimize your cooling throughout the summer. After all, a clean heat pump will operate much more efficiently and use less energy. Check out our DIY Heat Pump Maintenance blog for more information on routine system cleaning.  

Tip #5: Be mindful of your energy usage 

During the hottest days of summer, limiting your use of heat-generating appliances like ovens and dryers will help keep your home cooler and reduce the strain on your heat pump. Opting for cooking on the BBQ and hanging your clothes on the line instead of putting them in the dryer are two great alternatives to help save energy and keep your home cooler. 

Tip #6: Make sure your heat pump is properly sized for your home 

A heat pump that doesn’t fit the size of your home is a sure way to suck energy and life out of your HVAC system and drive up your power bill. If you live in a multi-level home, or your heat pump doesn’t cool all rooms, consider investing in another system to cool other floors and rooms more efficiently. A heat pump that is oversized can cause uncomfortable temperatures, humidity issues, and short cycling, which can damage the heat pump. Additionally, we offer zoning options to better circulate air throughout different rooms in your home.   

 Your HVAC system shouldn’t break the bank, even amidst the hottest summer temperatures, it’s all about good heat pump practice! By implementing these energy-saving heat pump tips this summer, you can live more comfortably and affordably. For more information on how you can keep cool and save money on your energy bill with HVAC solutions, contact Degree Residential today!