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The Best Heat Pump System for Fredericton Homeowners

In Fredericton, New Brunswick, we experience all four seasons and their ever-changing climates. Establishing the perfect temperature in your home can be a challenge. It is not uncommon for people to crank the AC during summer heat waves, or blast the heat in brisk winter weather. With that said, doing this creates uncomfortable spaces that are conducive to thermal shock. Furthermore, poorly managing your indoor temperature can cause health issues, such as a stiff neck, sore throat and runny nose. If your current air conditioning and heating solutions are not performing or being used properly, installing a heat pump could be the solution to optimizing your comfort in your Fredericton home.

Heat Pumps 101

If you’ve been wondering, what is a heat pump and what is all the hype about? Here’s your answer. A heat pump is a standalone, two-component appliance that extracts heat from one place and transfers it to another. It uses refrigeration technology and electricity to provide both heating and cooling. The heat pump cycle is fully reversible, which is why it is perfect for establishing year-round climate control.

Did you know that the most optimal temperature in your home is about 68-72° Fahrenheit? This temperature is not only the most efficient but will keep you feeling comfortable. A heat pump can help you achieve and maintain this temperature in your Fredericton home.

Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings

Heat pumps are considered one of the most efficient technologies for heating and cooling your home. Heat pumps only use electricity for power rather than generating heat, which is why it offers such a high-efficiency rate. Compared to heating your home with oil or electricity, heat pumps can produce the same amount of heat while using only a fraction of the energy. What does a heat pump do for your energy bill? Essentially, you will experience a slight raise in your electricity use from powering the unit, while reducing your overall energy use. This can sometimes lead to drastic cost savings.

Furthermore, manufacturers often offer rebates for heat pump installation. Along with that, the NB Power Efficiency Rebate program promotes further savings for homeowners who choose to install a heat pump system. With tremendous opportunities to be more energy efficient and experience cost savings, it’s hard to go wrong with a heat pump.

Heat Pump Highlights:

  • Constant temperatures all year round
  • Heating in extreme cold with temperatures as low as -30°C (with some units)
  • Power and energy savings
  • Air filtration
  • Wireless remote control
  • Dry mode for dehumidifying
  • Reduction in carbon footprint
  • Discreet noise control and temporary design

Installing a heat pump can help you optimize your comfort at home. Achieving ideal temperatures throughout our unpredictable seasonal weather may be the ultimate benefit of installing a heat pump. On top of that, you can experience energy efficiency and cost savings. Need we say more? Call Degree Residential today for a free quote on heat pump installation for your home!