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Why You Need an Air Exchanger in Your Home

Air exchangers and heat recovery ventilation (HRV) systems are a great solution to ensure you are breathing in clean air at home. Especially with many external factors now forcing you to spend more time inside. Degree Residential Inc. offers several collections of air exchangers and HRV systems to optimize air ventilation and ensure healthy and comfortable humidity levels in your home.

What is an Air Exchanger/HRV System?

Air exchanger and HRV systems supply a continuous stream of fresh air through your home. They are especially beneficial for homes in colder climates as they remove the excess moisture in the air during the heating season. Air exchangers and HRV systems use a vent and fan system, where one vent is used to draw humidity OUT of your home, while the other vent draws fresh air IN from the outside. These systems remove dust, bacteria, mould, and other toxins from the air that pollute over time and can result in health issues. 

Typically, fresh air will be supplied to areas such as bedrooms, and living areas, while exhaust air will be removed from areas such as the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom. Air exchangers and HRV systems differ in their energy use. HRV systems can transfer up to 80% of heat energy from the out-going air to the clean air coming inside your home. 

What System Works Best in Your Home?

There are several models and variations of air exchangers and HRV systems to best suit your home. The size of your home and the location of the unit will help determine which system is optimal for your needs. We specialize in the installation and maintenance of the following systems:

Fresh Air HRV systems are simple to install and easy to maintain. They provide many airflows so that each room in your home or business achieves optimal ventilation and fresh air throughout.  

Venmar offers several collections of air exchangers and HRVs that are ENERGY STAR® certified. They meet Canada’s strict energy efficiency standards. Choose your ventilation capacity and recovery type to achieve your desired comfort. 

vanEE’s HRV systems are ENERGY STAR® certified and are well-thought-out in their ultra-compact design, core durability, and performance. Their Virtuo AI series offers a built-in assistant to help streamline ventilation in your home with auto-maintenance and self-adjustments. 

Air Exchanger and HRV Accessories

Accessories can be purchased for your air exchanger and HRV systems to help optimize your ventilation system. 

  • Wall Controls are easy to use and will suit any decor. Wall controls have easy to use settings and provide communication to the equipment. Depending on the system, wall controls can adjust the speed of your air exchanger and have integrated sensors to detect humidity. 
  • Timers allow you to specify your speed operation. Typically you can set your air exchanger timer up to 60 minutes of speed ventilation.  Timers are typically found in a bathroom or laundry area of the home.

Balancing Your Air Exchanger 

Your air exchanging system must be balanced in order to work effectively in supplying your home with clean, fresh air. To ensure this, your system must pull-in and expel the same volume of air; otherwise, air could become pressurized, or depressurized, which can result in bringing polluted air into your home. Degree Residential Inc. certified technicians can provide proper maintenance to balance your system. 

Air exchangers and HRV systems can have a huge impact on your health and comfort by ensuring clean air is circulating throughout your home. Contact Degree Residential Inc. today for a quoting appointment and find out what air exchanger or HRV system is optimal for your home.